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Dependency management in classes

Object-oriented languages like Ruby, C++ or Java tend to have one common problem among others: dependency injection. It is very rare for a class to be fully self-contained and never depend on anything else in your code. Usually there’re multiple connections between them: simple, transitive or even circular. And designing good dependency injectio... Read more

Deploying native apps to macOS

Level 0: warming up Deploying anything anywhere has never been easy business. Deploying applications to desktop computers is no different. OS X (now macOS) had its own solution of “dll hell”: each application should be absolutely self contained. All the dependencies and dependencies of dependencies should be distributed within the “bundle” so a... Read more

Migrating blog from Wordpress to Jekyll

Living in the modern age of 0-day vulnerabilities is complicated when you have a Wordpress blog. Since I didn’t have anything fancy in there I decided to migrate it to static pages. Sounds easy? I’m sure it does. See what it takes to migrate an average blog with images and crosslinks. I’ve organized my process in a sort of a step by step manual.... Read more

Fuller Stack Development

That’s awesome how many Full-Stack Developers are out there nowadays: full Node.js stack or ASP.NET or what not is popular. However, this is a story of a completely different “stack”. I truly believe that software-only engineers somewhere deep inside are always dreaming of pilgrimage to the sacred temples of Hardware and Electronics. All those ... Read more

Ultimate ComboBox in QML

Everybody who wanted to customize UI of ComboBox in QML knows that it is only possible though crutches and hacks. Usually that’s not a problem and people start implementing their own custom ComboBoxes that are docked to somewhere. You can see an example of such implementation below (the code is simplified). These sort of implementations have few... Read more