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How do I setup Raspberry Pi

Somehow I end up breaking my Raspberry Pi all of the time. Today it was the sudoers file that I corrupted editing with nano instead of visudo and voila - I cannot be root anymore. Another time I simply forgot my user’s password and made it impossible to login via ssh anymore (I don’t have spare physical screen and keyboard). So somehow it happen... Read more

How to return to the flow faster

Hobby projects are very important for me. They give me the freedom to do what I want, how I want it and also they help me to develop quite solid expertise in various fields. Some smaller, some bigger, they always require unattended focus and precious time to work on them. It’s always hard to find that time. During the weekend I try to get outsid... Read more

Inference of TensorFlow model without TensorFlow

Training of machine learning models is fun, but it’s a useless waste of energy if you are not going to use them afterwards. Usage patterns can be very different. In some case you are creating Software-as-a-Service where you run inference on your or somebodies cloud and return customers only the results. In others - you need to have the model its... Read more

Dependency management in classes

Object-oriented languages like Ruby, C++ or Java tend to have one common problem among others: dependency injection. It is very rare for a class to be fully self-contained and never depend on anything else in your code. Usually there’re multiple connections between them: simple, transitive or even circular. And designing good dependency injectio... Read more

Deploying native apps to macOS

Level 0: warming up Deploying anything anywhere has never been easy business. Deploying applications to desktop computers is no different. OS X (now macOS) had its own solution of “dll hell”: each application should be absolutely self contained. All the dependencies and dependencies of dependencies should be distributed within the “bundle” so a... Read more